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We like to head out to Molokini for a Back Wall Drift dive for our first dive everyday. Then we head into the South Kihei area for our second dive. The Captains choose the dive site that day based on weather conditions, current and visibility.

Map courtesy of Maui Information Guide

Molokini Crater
Molokini is a partially sunken volcanic tuff cone crater just 2.5 miles off the coast of Maui.  Molokini is designated as a State Marine Life and Bird Conservation District.  The waters around Molokini are crystal clear with visibility up to 150 feet.  Within the crater is home to approximately 250 species of fish- some of which are found nowhere else on the planet. 

Molokini Back Wall
Molokini’s back wall is a sheer drop off to over 300 feet and is rated as the number one wall dive in U.S. waters.  Prodiver II offers the back wall dive as often as conditions and experience of divers will allow.  The drift diving is spectacular as well as the abundance of marine life that very few divers get to experience!

South Maui Dive Sites 
- Red hill (Pu’u ‘olai)
- Five Caves
- Makena Landing
- Five Graves (Turtle Town)
- Wailea Point
- White Rock (Haloa point)
- La Perouse pinnacle (Keone’o’io Bay)
- Pinnacles
- Deep pinnacles

Wreck Dives
-St Anthony Wreck, Landing Craft, Sunken Tank, Hell Diver plane

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